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    Guide to Choosing the Right Safety Boot for You

    When you work in a profession where safety equipment is a necessity, wearing personal protective equipment is very important. Not only does it protect you from injuries, but shields your body from other various things that could be detrimental to your health.

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    Briefs vs. Boxers vs. Boxer Briefs | What Men’s Underwear Style Is Best?

    This debate of whether boxers are better or whether briefs are better has been going on for many years. People keep debating between whether they should choose briefs or should they choose boxers. Many choose the side they prefer, many believe their choice is dependent upon their preference and many choose not to debate on this topic. So in this read, we have decided to debate it out and give a final verdict on this argument.

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    What To Wear To A Concert In 2019

    Concert fashion is very in thing these days. There are designated collections and pieces which are being put out by retailers for this specific purpose. During the months of summer, almost everyone is finding a concert to go to. Now whether you like Beyoncé or Ed Sheeran, that is up to you but the way you dress and style yourself plays a major role in how you look, especially for your Instagram feed.

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    Top 7 Tips to Get Melbourne Fashion Week Ready

    Beauty spa treatments can work very effectively in enhancing the beauty of an individual from inside out. What could be better than coming home from shopping and relaxing in your outdoor spa? You might be thinking that how is fashion and beauty linked to spa treatment? The answer is simple.

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    How to Select Shoes to Wear with any Outfit

    This one’s specially for the girls out there! There’s absolutely no doubt in the fact that sometimes it gets really hard to select shoes to wear and match with an outfit. Well, this situation usually comes up when we have to attend an important event or when we have to go to someplace special. It’s frustrating and we totally agree with that, but only if you know some tips and tricks on how to match shoes with your outfits, this frustration will be long gone and everything will fall into place for you.

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    Are women’s boots back in fashion?

    We all follow the fashion trends and shoes are an imperative part of fashion. When the weather cools down, boot becomes a choice of stylish women. It is clear that in the cool weather or breezy season, the ankle boots are essential parts of the wardrobe. In this regard, the Ankle Boots are choices of stylish women as these boots are cozy and warm

    Ankle Booties are what is in trend this year, as stylish and comfortable are preferences of most ladies. These booties are preferred as these are not only cosy but also beautiful and elegant. If you have not bought yet, this is the time to invest in this fashion. These booties can bring you in the spotlight and making these booties your choice can be a win-win fashion. While the tall boots are have been in fashion, it is assured that ankle boots would be a classic staple and this style can never be faded.

    Here are some ways to wear ankle boots this season.

    Pick Your Style

    The first step is to pick up the style. There are a number of ankle boots and this overabundance of choices can make it difficult to select your style. Classic ankle shoes come in different colours and style and picking up the right one is important for making a versatile fashion statement. If you want to try any new style, feel free to choose some new styles.

    Find the Perfect One

    Like jeans and shirt, selection of pair of ankle boots must consider fitting important. The ankle boots must be comfortable and can be easy to wear. Pretty girls prefer to wear ankle boots and to look prettier; you should select the ankle boots, which are properly fit and comfortable.

    Style Ankle Boots with Everything

    Ankle boots can give you versatile choices and you can rock a pair of ankle shoes with your desired dress or give a casual look by wearing them with jeans or leggings. A good pair of ankle boots can take you from office to leisure places. The transition from skirts and summer dresser to cooler weather by adding jeans or tights and ankle boots. The plain ankle boots with coloured or patterned jeans or tights or skirts will bring new texture to your looks. Floral skirts, jeans paired with ankle boots will give you an ensemble fashion look.

    Stylist Tip

    The stylist tip is to consider wardrobe before you go to purchase the pair of ankle boots. You must be clear about the colour and style, which are making your apparel more esthetic and eye-catching. If you want to wear ankle boots with leggings and tights, the best choice is to select close-fitting boots. If your wardrobe is full of tights, you have a wider choice for selecting the shoes.

    So, it is the time of collecting new ankle boots, with a range of style, designs and colours to make a classic choice.

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    Must see Function Venues in Melbourne

    Melbourne has many dream function venues and if you are after a function venue that provides all the fine details that can make your event unique, you will have a wide range of venues to select from.

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    Our Favourite Coats, Shoes & Bags of Jan 2019’

    At the top of your shopping list, this year is leather and that is for a very good reason. The number of leather products – shoes, coats, and bags – is always increasing and with many leather shops in your city, knowing where to get the best value for your money can be hard. Here are the top tips for finding your favourite coats, bags, and shoes for January 2019.

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    Hairstylist – How to Find the Best

    If you need to change your hair colour or style, possibly, you have what you need in mind. Something temporary like colour or haircut is likely to affect you significantly. It might change your bad hair days into great ones or bring you more empowerment and self-confidence. However, if the hair colour or cut goes wrong, it will leave you very upset. Most likely, you are not aware that, a good hairstylist might make your hair change process easier and risk-free. But before walking into a barber shop, the following tips will help you know what will work best for you.