What To Wear To A Concert In 2019

Concert fashion is very in thing these days. There are designated collections and pieces which are being put out by retailers for this specific purpose. During the months of summer, almost everyone is finding a concert to go to. Now whether you like Beyoncé or Ed Sheeran, that is up to you but the way you dress and style yourself plays a major role in how you look, especially for your Instagram feed.

Choosing the right shoes, clothes, accessories and makeup are all key to getting the perfect look on the day of the concert or perhaps even look like a model from the Melbourne Fashion Show. Below, we will help find you inspiration regarding what to wear to different types of concerts and for different types of music genres.

Country Concert

If you love country music or have just gotten into it, wearing the perfect outfit can make your night that much more special. When you’re at a country concert, you don’t need anything super fancy or couture to pull off your look, rather a cowboy hat, some boots and pretty dress will do the trick for you.

You could opt for floral, asymmetrical or even semi-formal dresses but remember always pair a pair of boots with the dress to blend in with the vibe. For pretty dresses, you can always look into Women’s Online Fashion & Clothing Boutique. If you aren’t a big fan of dresses, a cropped loose top with denim shorts and statement neckpiece can also make you fit in perfectly with the country vibe. Adding a cowboy hat is the perfect cherry on top for a country concert.

Hip-Hop Concert

When you go to a hip-hop concert, you try to dress more chic, more street style. Regardless of who is playing at the concert, your outfit should be on point. It’s always best to keep things comfortable at a hip-hop concert as you’ll be dancing around, grooving to the music. You can always go for an airy playsuit with pretty sandals and cute accessories and you’re ready! This will be the perfect way to dress for a concert like this. If you like dresses then a body con dress with a body bag and bold red lips will also help you pull off the look completely.

An Outdoor Concert

Many times we go to concerts that are of different genres but are situated outside. It is key to wear something appropriate to them as it’ll help you blend in, enjoy yourself more and be ready for the weather you’re about to face. Because it will be a lot of moving around, jumping, dancing and singing, so it’s best to choose something comfortable yet chic. A jumpsuit with a bold leather jacket or a statement jacket or a crop top with short shorts will be your way to go. Accessories and make up is key in outdoor concerts. People tend to experiment with glitter and it’s always fun to do so. Keep your outfit simple and chic but go bold with your make up like red hot lips or big colourful eyes.