Fashion Foreword: What to wear during the tricky month of March

March is a month of happiness and joy. It is the time when you can spend long days outside and enjoy the feel of the sunshine. However enjoyable this month is, the one thing that makes it tricky is what should one wear during this time of the month. Due to the unpredictability of weather in this month, it is important one dresses appropriately and be prepared in case the 70-degree sunshine turns foggy and rainy.

To help you be prepared for this month, here are some things you should keep in your wardrobe.

1.   A Printed Kimono

With the month of March approaching right around the corner, now is a good time to wear your silk kimonos. Not only do they help you make your fashion statement, they will also keep you nice and warm. There are many choices with what you can wear underneath a kimono. You can pair it with a custom T-shirt or even a dress.

2.   Shiny Accessories

You cannot complete your fashion look without wearing some beautiful accessories. No matter how simple your outfit may be, if you sport a pair of classy earnings, a statement necklet, a versatile collection of unique boho leather bags or a stylish belt, you can look chic and stylish.  

3.   An All-White Look

In case if you want a classic look, you can wear a plain white shirt with white capris. Go all white out and make a bold fashion statement in this month of March. You can easily get these sorts of shirts from various apparel companies.

4.   A Flowy Skirt

March is the perfect time to put on a flowery skirt paired with an embroidery blouse. Bring a bit of oomph to your look by wearing a flowy skirt. You can wear your pair of favourite boots and you are all set to go.

5.   A Fancy, Floaty Scarf

It’s nice to have something wrapped around your neck when you head outside in the evenings where its gets a bit chilly. There are many varieties of scarves you can easily get. You can buy scarves of various materials such as cashmere, silk, cotton, etc. Scarves are apparel you can wear all year around. You can choose which scarf to wear according to the outfit you wear.

6.   A tight maxi dress

Why wear a flowy maxi when you can wear them in the summers. This March, opt for something that is more fitted. A spaghetti strap long dress can be a great choice for you to wear this year. Your legs will be covered so you will not feel the breezy wind during the night time. If you want to cover your bare arms, you can add a jacket or a cardigan if you want.