A Suit Like No Other: The Uniqueness of Made-to-Measure Tailoring

Just like there are different sizes of clothes, the shape and size of every individual is different. No one looks their best in an unfit suit; the suit is the only attire where your body type doesn’t matter; if the suit is made fine, you’ll look fine. What’s a better way than to have a custom-made-to-measure suit for the special evening? For every individual to be fit, attire is kind of hectic unless you have someone who can tailor your suit according to you.

Made-to-measure suits are made custom for you, but they are not 100% according to your body. Just the standard size-based pattern cut out for you. If This is your first time, here is how you can create the perfect look for any suit occasion with a Made-to-measure suit.

What Exactly Is A Made-To-Measure-Suit?

As the name suggests, made to measure, there is already a piece of cloth that is ready to be cut and sewn according to the measurements of the person. Suits and sports coats are made like this. The fitting aspect of made-to-measure suits is better than ready-to-wear, making it the efficient way to have a beautiful fitting suit. Since even in the same weight category, there are different body types, and to suit each body type, beautifully made-to-measure-suits are the perfect choice between ready-to-wear and made-to-measure.

Uniqueness Comes In Custom Choices

Everyone knows the weakness and strength in their bodies; choosing to go with made-to-measure is a better choice unless you have a perfect manikin body. Not only the size and fitting ut you can have custom designs made according to yourself which can make you stand out from the crowd.

Process Of Made-To-Measure-Suit

Since all the steps and choices would be made according to your preference, you may feel like a king for a while, but it’s still less precise than bespoke in terms of accuracy and measurements. The cost of made-to-measure varies from a few hundred pounds to several thousand. So choose the establishment you are comfortable with and is under your budget.

Your tailor is there to help you make some choices as well as ask about your preferences, like, if this suit is for winter occasion or summer or for both, is it for everyday wear or for cocktail parties. These questions will help him decide on the fabric, colour and some extra details.

Choosing Fabric And Taking Measurements

The price of the suit will depend on what fabric you choose for your suit; your tailor will show you all the fabric they have. It all comes down to the weight of the fabric and the pattern on it; after deciding on the fabric, your tailor will take your measurements and will put on the suit on you to mould it better according to your body. After this, all that’s left is to finalise the details like the number of buttons, pockets flaps or none, cufflinks or plain finish, etc. This can prevent you from making a bad choice in suits.


A man has to look his best when he’s getting married. Choosing a made-to-measure suit is a go-to option to look your best and leave an impression. YSG Tailors: Your Destination for Exquisite Made-to-Measure Suits they are renowned for their best work and years of experience; look them up if you need to have a suit that matches your style.