How to Select Shoes to Wear with any Outfit

This one’s specially for the girls out there! There’s absolutely no doubt in the fact that sometimes it gets really hard to select shoes to wear and match with an outfit. Well, this situation usually comes up when we have to attend an important event or when we have to go to someplace special. It’s frustrating and we totally agree with that, but only if you know some tips and tricks on how to match shoes with your outfits, this frustration will be long gone and everything will fall into place for you.

Apart from matching your shoes with your outfit, always make sure to buy your footwear from a quality place, whether it’s men’s leather boots or women’s pumps, always put quality over quantity.

If you want to know how to match your shoes with your outfit, then here’s what you need to know:

1-Peep Toes

Always remember that peep toes are meant for bare legs. So, if you have to wear a short dress or a dress that comes to your knee, then just go for peep toes right away. Once you will wear them, you’ll definitely see the match. Also, if you are wearing jeggings with a top that comes till your hip, then opt for flat peep toes and you will look stunning.


Everyone has a pair of pumps because they are chic and urban, and go with almost any outfit. However, if you are looking for some serious suggestions then we’d suggest you to match your pumps with a chick outfit. For example, if you are wearing a long formal dress, cigarette pants, pencil skirt or pantsuits then yes, pumps will be good to go for you.

3-Small Heels

If you just hate wearing high heels, then you can opt for small heels. Don’t worry because small heels look equally good as high heels. If you want to compliment your office wear with a pair of some cool and classy shoes then yes, go for small heels.


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that gladiators are sexy and classy. Now, if you are wearing a boho dress or a dress that is knee-length, then you need to wear gladiators because this will be the best match ever.

These are some of the best matches that we have compiled for you. We hope you are now a little less frustrated about matching your shoes with your outfits. Just save this guide with you so that you don’t ever have a problem matching clothes and shoes together.