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Our Favourite Coats, Shoes & Bags of Jan 2019’

At the top of your shopping list, this year is leather and that is for a very good reason. The number of leather products – shoes, coats, and bags – is always increasing and with many leather shops in your city, knowing where to get the best value for your money can be hard. Here are the top tips for finding your favourite coats, bags, and shoes for January 2019.

Quality control

When shopping for coats, bags or shoes you should exercise some quality control to be sure that you are getting the first-grade leather. Start by checking the seams and stitching on every leather item. If the products have different colours than the real item, then the producer might have surface-dyed them and the colour will fade very fast. If the leather is stiff and rough, it is not first-grade. First grade leather should feel soft to touch. The leather should also smell like real leather.

Leather on a budget

Even though there are many outlet stores that sell colourful leather bags, jackets, belts and shoes, some of the designs and styles are outdated and the quality of leather will vary widely. Start by hunting around if you need the best deals in town. You are likely to find on-trend items or the much sought after soft leather. Moreover, you are more likely to find it at an affordable price.

The perfect leather jacket

Leather jackets are timeless wardrobe staples due to the versatility and the ability to take you through the four seasons. The best option is to go the made-to-measure way and get a quality tailored leather jacket – or another leather garment – from the talented leather tailors. They will measure you and make a leather garment that will fit you as a glove fits your hand. The tailored jacket is also likely to be less expensive and you will get the colour you want.

Shoes made for walking

After moving from one store to the other and spending several minutes in each, you will notice that most designers are focusing on large platform shoes. If that is what you need, you are going to have an easier time when shopping. Men have a wide range of choices. Designers mostly focus on handmade leather shoes but the prefix might not indicate good quality. Some showrooms and workshops offer bespoke leather shoes and boots such as customizable riding boots and polo boots.

Know your leathers

When shopping for a leather jacket, you should know your leathers. The commonest and more economical leather is the calfskin. The leather is durable and works better for casual and structured jackets. Another common type of leather is the baby calf, which is lighter and softer to touch. The smart and expensive leather jackets are mostly made from lambskin, which is supple and lightweight. The goatskin is the most expensive, softest and thinnest of all the skins.

The process of selecting leather shoes, bags and jackets should not be complicated. The tips should help you get the best piece. If you need something better, try women’s velvet blazer in Australia.