What Is The Difference Between Anaesthesia And Anaesthetist?

Remember when surgery used to be more of a nightmare than the sickness itself? Since anaesthesia came into play, it was a relief for both surgeon and the patient, as the basic principle of anaesthesia is to kill the sensation of the pain.

It may be administered either before, during or after the surgery as per the requirement. Anaesthesia is a drug used to kill the sensation of pain, while someone who administers anaesthesia is called an anaesthetist. Ahead is the guide to total awareness on the topic.

About Anaesthesia

Anaesthesia is a medicine developed in the mid-1800, which was a groundbreaking development in the field of surgery and medicine. The sensation of pain during surgery or some major surgeries is soo much that a person can pass out and even die during a surgical procedure.

Anaesthesia doing what it does best, killing the sensation of any and all kinds of pain, becomes extremely useful to surgeons. Since the discovery of anaesthesia, many categories of anaesthesia have been made, each having its own unique effect. Four major categories are general, regional, local and sedation.

About Anaesthetist

The anaesthetist is a certified doctor who specialises in the field of anaesthesia. They have 15 plus years of study and 14000 plus hours of clinical training to become a certified anaesthetist. Surgeons can’t carry out their surgical procedures without being present there; they are important to both the patient and the surgeons.

Role Of Anaesthesia

Anaesthesia plays an important role in the field of surgery. When it’s a human surgery or an animal, both are required to be administered with anaesthesia in order for the surgery to go perfectly well. Having four major categories of anaesthesia, their use and effect are predetermined, making it easy to use

  • General Anaesthesia– Used to completely render the person unconscious, leaving no sensation of pain.
  • Regional Anaesthesia – Used at a particular part and is given to a cluster of nerves responsible for having sensation in that area.
  • Loca Anaesthesial- used for minor pain management.
  • Sedation- used for relaxing or making a person calm, along with inducing stress-free sleep.

Role Of Anaesthetist

Besides administering anaesthesia to the patient, their roles, duties, and jobs reach beyond that. It may sound simple, but it is complex in nature. They talk to the patient before surgery to know their medical history. They monitor the patient during surgery to make sure the patient is stable and pain-free during the surgery after the surgery to deal with pain and, in rare cases, deal with acute and chronic pain, which is a long haul for both the patient and the anaesthetist.

Anaesthesia VS Anaesthetist- What Is The Difference?

Anaesthesia is a drug( medicine ) that enters the body of the patient in a particular way. It can be through IV ( Intravenous ), through a gas mask by inhaling, spray or cream. An anaesthetist definition can be defined as a person who administers anaesthesia to the patient is called an anaesthetist.


It is not a big deal to confuse words that sound similar, like race and racer. People who are into car and race enthusiasts will know the difference. The same is with Anaesthesia and anaesthetist, anaesthesia is the component used in the medical field and the person who uses that compound (medicine) is called an anaesthetist. Anaesthetists are also called anesthesiologists. These terms are used interchangeably.