The Top Weirdest Fashion Statements

Fashion is not only about clothes, but it’s also a way to express your personality. It’s an ever-changing and unpredictable industry. What you wear today has less to do with the weather and more to do with self-expression.

What’s more, modern fashion is going through weird stages, incorporating experimental moves. If you’re curious about the weirdest fashion statements, read this list of the top 3 strangest fashion trends from around the world.

The Double Jeans

Although fashion is continuously evolving, one item has never gone out of style, respectively jeans. You’ll find a wide range of jeans including skinny jeans, boy jeans, loose jeans, regular, slim fit, low rise, tapered and high rise. They all go in and out of fashion as often as the seasons. However, the overall jeans look has remained consistent for decades. Thanks to being comfortable, durable and adaptable to any style, jeans are a no brainer when it comes to casual or smart-casual attire.

The double jeans are one of the weirdest fashion items on the market. They include 2 waistbands, 2 zip locks, and extra pockets. Although you’d think the extra waistband is useless, these types of jeans are fashionable and popular. In fact, once they hit the market, they sold out completely.

Face Masks

Surgical masks became a fashion trend when rap duo Ayo & Teo began sporting stylish surgical masks. They’ve been wearing stylized masks after a fan asked them on Instagram why they’re scrunching their mouths while they dance. One of the rappers wears a shark graphic and the other, a panda design mask. Meanwhile, the masks became a fashion craze. Now, the rappers also wear the masks off-stage. For example, in restaurants, Teo wears his mask hanging on his ear.

You’ll find masks with crystals, different designs and made from a variety of materials. For other artists, the masks aren’t only about vanity, they’re a form of self-expression and a way to show their alter-egos. Mainstream designers also make face masks, which are accessible to all demographics.

Teeth Bling

A couple of years ago, the bling on teeth started emerging and it hasn’t left the fashion world quite yet. Today you’ll see everyone from a rap artist to the regular girl-next-door with some type of designer teeth.

There are different types of ways to step up your teeth game, even though they can be considered quite weird. Some replace their own teeth with gold-coloured dentures, some inserts grills, and some just glue on a blinged feature such as a diamond. If you are one of the crazy people considering to proceed with this trend you should really consider visiting a renowned clinic such as Pure Dentistry who knows what they’re doing. After all, teeth don’t grow on trees.

Asymmetrical Jeans

Most don’t mind the standard style of jeans. But the fashion industry has developed a wide variety of redesigns to freshen up the denim trend. For example, in Ukraine, you’ll find weird styles such as denim furs or demi-cut jeans. But what tops them off are the asymmetrical jeans.

If you don’t like 2 equal leg sections, you can choose the new-age design. One of the pants legs is tight and the other is loose. It’s a fashion trend meant to put Ukraine on the fashion map. And it’s on its way as many popular fashion magazines are naming these jeans the next big thing.