How Do I Become An Anaesthetist In Australia?

Anaesthethetist is medical professionals responsible for administering anaesthesia to patients before, during or after surgery to kill the sensation of pain. Their job is to safely render the patient unconscious so surgeons can perform their duties with ease and give sophisticated work. From simple to complex surgical procedures, they administer anaesthesia to all patients.

If you are ever thinking of choosing to become an anaesthetist, it’s a pretty opportunity-grabbing job but also requires a certain amount of time and hard work with patience to achieve it. Below are some procedures, criteria and qualifications required to become an anaesthetist.

Work Of Anaesthesia In the Medical Field

Anaesthesia is used to block the pain sensation; it may be induced before, during or after the surgery as per the requirements. Four significant types of anaesthesia are used at specific times and places.

  • General anaesthesia– It completely renders the person unconscious. It is administered using IV or inhaling masks. It is effective during operation. 
  • Regional anaesthesia– it kills the sensation in particular parts of the body. Thus, it is called regional anaesthesia, as it numbs certain parts of the body.
  • Sedation– To calm and relax the patient. It is also used to treat anxiety and other extreme behaviours in the patient during their treatment.
  • Local anaesthesia–  For minor pain treatment. It is often administered to pregnant women to help ease their pain and discomfort while giving birth.

Duties Of An Anaesthetist

An Anesthetist is a person who administers anaesthesia to patients either before, during or after surgery whenever required. He informs and educates the patient beforehand on the medicine that is about to be inducted into their system. Knowing the patient’s medical history helps in not making any fatal mistake that could have happened if that information was not there.

They also look after the patient during surgery to keep an eye on their vital health and after surgery for extensive pain management care when needed. After the patient is monitored and examined thoroughly, the anaesthetist decides whether or not they can be sent home.

Education And Credentials

To become an anaesthetist, you must complete a few steps among the many, which can sound very long and require hard work, like completing year 12 with English, maths and science. Graduating from a medical college can take 4-6 years, then a year of internship where you hone your skills from work experience. A two-year residency program where you start from base level beginner and earn your place as a permanent resident, Then a five-year ANZCA course.

Good Salary

The more complexity and hard work an anesthetic service has, the better the pay is. At the entry-level, you can earn around $190,000 to $300,000 annually, depending upon the number of hours you log in to work. The average wage for an anaesthetist in Australia is around $80 to $100 per hour. The wages greatly vary based on your experience.


Choosing to become an anaesthetist in Australia can never go wrong with an increase in demand and, on top of that, a good starting salary that reaches heights if you are a dedicated person. Although becoming an anaesthetist can be long and require hard work and patience, it always pays off; you just have to be honest with it and yourself.