Why Do Australians Celebrate Christmas in July?

You might have heard the phrase “Christmas in July” for many times. Christmas in July has been happening in Australia for many years. The unofficial holiday imitates the festivities of real Christmas and signifies the yearning for winter coolness in the hot summer months.

Everywhere you go, you will find people rushing to shops, stores, and malls to purchase apparels, gift items and any other article associated with Christmas occasions. People out of this loop might wonder for the sudden shopping but that is rare. But do you have any idea how the Christmas in July came into being?

How Christmas in July came into being

The beginning of Christmas in July is unclear but some people believe that it started in Europe, as a good way of celebrating Christmas during the hot months. During summer months in the northern hemisphere, the weather is usually warm and people start craving the coldness of winter. Moreover, they start missing the holiday spirit and gift giving that occurs in Christmastime. Even though we might not be sure of the origin of the July festivities, we are sure that they started earlier in the 1980s. Get more information about Christmas trees in Melbourne this July.

The early Christmas in July celebrations saw people throwing parties, which imitated the real Christmas festivities that happen in December. The celebrations also included some other Christmas traditions such as ice cream, Santa Claus, gifts and cold foods. People believed that celebrations in the warm season would ensure happy and strong winter Christmas season.

Some people ascribe the untimely Christmastime festival to Irish tourists who were on a vacation in the Sydney’s Blue Mountains in July 1980. Due to the summer temperatures in their country, the presence of snow in Sydney overjoyed them. As a result, they convinced a local hotel proprietor in New South Wales Blue Mountains to organize a party they named “Yulefest”. The tourists’ idea caught the imagination of every person around. The hotel propriety took it as an opportunity and started holding the Christmas Part each July.

The Christmas in July festivities today

Today, this tradition has well-established roots and most clubs, restaurants and dining halls have an annual catered menu for the Christmas in July and people have to book them in advance. Furthermore, many apparel stores, bars, restaurants, hotels and gift shops offer discounts for the occasion.

In July, you are likely to find most gift shops displaying the figurines of Snowmen and Santa. Resorts too have their special events related to Christmas in July celebrations. Most businesses use the occasion as a marketing gimmick in the country and in other places where the high season coincides with this high season.

Some people believe that the market opportunities are most plausible the primary reason behind the celebrations in July. Some people believe that retail merchants in some western countries wanted to benefit from the July holidays. The season was dull for business and had minimal opportunities.

That might make a lot of sense, particularly if you will consider the number of holidays that have emerged.  Grandparent’s Day and the Boss’ Day are two of the holidays. Most people have been embracing the special days as they emerge. What you did not know is that they have been creating more opportunities for the greeting card companies and retail merchants.