8 Great Seasonal Jobs and How to Get Hired for Them

Whether it’s the Christmas holiday or the summer break, getting a seasonal job will shower you with its innumerable benefits. Even though the concept of getting a seasonal job is frowned upon by many people, it can prove to be a smart option for people looking to make money even in the holidays.

Life is not the same for everyone, while some people are busy planning their vacations, some people want to grab the opportunity to fill up their empty wallets.

Apart from the extra money, there are numerous benefits to getting a seasonal job. These small experiences can help people build their resumes. For many people, these seasonal jobs might just be their ticket to their dream job.

Retail Jobs

When its holiday season, the increased traffic of customers in the retail stores becomes difficult to manage. These companies need cashiers, customer service employees, gift wrapping, and in-store helpers to manage the extra crowd of shoppers. During Christmas, many retailers look for people to play the roles of Santa and the helpers.

Travel Guide Jobs

Summertimes brings with itself hundreds of tourists. Many people plan their vacations in summers, which means your city might get flooded with foreign tourists who need some guidance. If you have the right skills and know a great deal of stuff about your city, you might have the perfect opportunity to make some money by becoming a travel guide for foreign tourists.

Summer Camp Jobs

Summer camps for kids and teens are very common all around the country. If you have a background in teaching or counselling, you can get a summer job at a summer camp. If you are a college student looking for a way to make money in your summer break, getting a summer camp job is exactly what you need.


For people who love animals would love nothing more than to get paid for spending time with furry animals. Many families leave for their vacations during summer, and they have to leave their pet animals behind, and they want someone to take care of their pets while they are away.


If you are good at a skill or a subject, then you can use your skills to become a tutor for your vacations. Many students choose to use their summer vacations to improve their studies, and you can help them using your expertise in the subject and earn some extra money.

Festival Jobs

Festival season is another very popular time to land on a seasonal job. Concerts and other events are common during the festival season. Whether you are into music or a good cook, you can make money using your skills!

Holiday Driver

Holiday drivers are always in demand, regardless of which part of the world you reside in. These jobs do not require you to be a professional driver. It is a perfect option for you if you love driving.


For people who love fashion, the holiday season is when fashion houses are looking for interns. Even many corporate entities need temporary workers during holidays while their permanent staff is away. You can get an unpaid internship, and it will help you build your resume.

You can register with temp agencies to get a seasonal retail job. It is a great way to get a seasonal job as notable companies hire temp agencies such as Horner Recruitment Systems as temp agencies in Melbourne to fill the temporary positions for the holidays.